I Needed To Sell My House Fast So I called We Buy Houses Oklahoma City

Our goal at Hallmarkhomebuyers.com is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. We try to solve real esate problems that most people face when trying to sell a house fast. Most people just want to know how the process of selling a house fast and for cash works. We buy houses in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro area. I get asked this question frequently, What’s up with theses We buy houses in Oklahoma Companies? “can you really pay cash for houses?” or “Can you really buy a house in 3 days? ” My answer is always a resounding YES!

You see, people are so used to selling through the conventional channels that take alot of time, and effort, and yes money in repairs, closing costs, holding costs, realtor fees, etc….. They are amazed when they find out we can buy their house, as/is with no repairs required, and we can pay them cash in 7 days or less.

Here is a testimonial we recieved from a Linda and Harold Sanders in Del City, Oklahoma:

I just wanted to take a moment and tell anyone who is wanting to sell their home quick, that Rodney Miller with www.hallmarkhomebuyers.com is your man. Mr. Miller came to our home and gave us an estimate on the same day I contacted him. We checked 3 or 4 different places and he had the best offer. We needed to act fast as we had found a home in another city that we wanted to purchase. After we called Rodney back, we closed in 12 days. Got our money and were able to purchase the new home as planned. Rodney even allowed us to rent back one of our homes until we could move everything. He also alowed us to take a special light fixture with us.

Thanks Rodney for making a diffacult move much easier and profitable too. A quick home sell is exactly what we needed. God bless you and Thank You! P.S. – I’m telling all of my freinds about you and your company.

Linda explained to me later that she was very scheptical about calling a “we buy houses in Oklahoma city” company. She had Seen the bandit signs that say “i buy houses” or “we buy houses” all over Oklahoma but never called one due to fear that she might get taken to the cleaners. It just proves that you can sell that house fast in Oklahoma if you just take action and call the right company.

This is just one of hundreds of happy customers that chose to sell their house to us. If you think selling your house for cash and fast might be an option for you please contact us by calling (405) 228-4906 or www.hallmarkhomebuyers.com” We will gladly come out and make you a cash offer for free.

Source by Rodney Miller

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