Obama’s Tells Moms to Go Back to School Using Free Scholarships to Pay for School

Amid all the hype for stimulus dollars, there is legitimate funding opportunities for mom’s who want to further their education, or start their education. It has always been difficult for mom’s returning to the workforce to match the needs of potential employers, and let’s face it, in today’s economy the need for two income households, and higher wage earning jobs are a necessity. However, due to rising unemployment and the instability of the job market, jobs are scarce for those who do not have education beyond high school and competition is steep for those re-entering the workforce. The good news is that scholarships, grants, and loans are available through Obama’s stimulus funding with the purpose of helping Americans develop their skills for today’s workforce. Funding may be available from your local community college, university, or trade school where certain funds are often earmarked for working mothers and mothers returning to work. Federal Aid such as Perkins Loans and Pell Grants from the Department of Education may be used at any accredited program. This includes online programs as well for those who need to stay home with their children, or are currently working and need a more flexible approach. Funding can also be used for accelerated “weekend” programs. Mom’s can also take advantage of tax benefits for deductions based on dollars spent for education related needs and childcare while in school. If funding is the only thing holding you back from your desire to obtain your college degree, certification, or GED, now is the time to act. Through these opportunities to fund your education, Obama’s stimulus plan is not only a generator of an educated workforce, but a workforce which will be better balanced with working mothers.

Source by Lindsy Emery

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