San Diego Is Retirement Paradise For Iraq War Veterans

Why do veterans choose San Diego as an ideal residential city to live in the United States?

In 2006, “Money” magazine recognized San Diego, California as the 5th-best place to live in the entire country. “Forbes” magazine adds that San Diego has become the 5th richest city in the U.S. and the 9th most secure city. Economic opportunities in the city are available in sectors of technology, manufacturing, defense, tourism, and agriculture.

What makes the city also suitable for the post-military lives of the veterans is that the private sector providing support services for United States Navy are some of the largest employers in San Diego. With plenty of quality universities, many former military and children of former military choose San Diego to complete their secondary education. Veterans can also appreciate San Diego due to its rich historic, cultural and aesthetic heritage. In fact, since 1898, several TV shows and films have been filmed all over the city. San Diego has a moderate climate and is a great place to enjoy an active lifestyle. San Diego has miles of beaches, nature trails, and more than 22 executive and par 3 golf courses. The San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball play their home games in Glaslamp Quarter of San Diego at Petco Park. Qualcomm Stadium has hosted National Football League home games of San Diego Chargers.

As a lot of Iraq war veterans have returned home (due to the declaration by U.S. President Barack Obama) this year, young and old veterans and their families have desired for safe clean cities to live in where they can have a stable and safe future. San Diego has been one of the top cities for this because of its beauty and low crime rate. Most people who choose to live in San Diego will need a loan to purchase their home. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has collaborated with the city government of San Diego to create special San Diego VA Loan programs to help veterans who are now living and working in the city.

These programs feature VA loans that are suitable to the needs of military families in San Diego. The standard VA loan features a 30 year, fixed rate payment plan with no money down and no buyer expense for closing costs. Almost all VA loans are compatible with county government first time home buyer incentives. The San Diego VA Loans can be used to buy a San Diego residence. In most transactions, the buyer closing costs will be paid for by the seller. Many of the homes also allow a credit for repairs. The San Diego VA Loan programs have different financing options to choose from (including shorter 15 year payment plans). The $0 down program can be used to purchase most kinds of residential properties including new houses, condo units, and detached homes. The maximum $0 down loan limit for 2011 is $537,500.

By choosing the right loans and financing options, veterans will not only enjoy new lives in San Diego but also provide safe and stable futures for their families for generations to come.

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